Techniques for creating 3D particle effects with React Three Fiber. Learn to utilize instanced meshes, dashed lines, and incremental advancements with React Three Fiber.

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Varun Vachhar introduces 3 techniques for building 3D particle systems with libraries such as Three.js and React Three Fiber. Learn about instanced meshes, dashed lines with animated offsets, and drawing lines with incremental advancements.

This is a tutorial geared towards those with a foundational understanding of React Three Fiber and an interest in exploring immersive 3D graphics. Explore the versatility and allure of particles, and their various visual effects such as flock of birds, snow, fire, fireworks, stars, sparks, and more.

What you'll build in the tutorial

Main topics:

  • Using instanced meshes and animating their transforms

  • Implementing dashed lines with an animated offset

  • Creating particle effects by drawing a line and advancing it step by step

Particles will never not be cool! I’ve been obsessed with them since the day I was introduced to generative art. They’re super versatile.

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